Training & CPD

Training & CPD

Having been thrown into leading PSHE early on in my teaching career I know how daunting that first ‘Sex Ed’ lesson can be, how challenging it can be to assess and pitch your health and wellbeing lessons correctly or how scary it can feel to talk to parents about why you are teaching what you are teaching to their children.

PSHE definitely deals with tricky areas, there’s no avoiding that. This is why I make sure that all my staff training and CPD provides a clear understanding of both the PSHE and RSHE curriculum requirements and gives strong subject knowledge and teaching tips to improve confidence.

With extensive experience teaching staff with no PSHE knowledge through to experienced PSHE Leads, Head teachers and Management, I make sure everyone present leaves feeling empowered and confident to teach the best PSHE and RSHE programs and lessons that they can so all my work is bespoke and written to meet you and your colleagues’ direct needs.

I am an experienced trainer and keynote speaker and can work with groups of any size – endeavouring always to maintain an air of approachability and optimism wherever I go and whatever the focus.

Parent talks are welcomed, and indeed invited, as a vital and valuable opportunity to bring a collaborative approach to supporting and educating the young people in our care.


” Very competent presenter with great knowledge of topic and held audiences attention.” F Suleman

” Incredible, brilliant and so informed… Covered some very difficult subjects but feel I have the tools and ideas now to put in place.”
B Simmons

“Interesting and informative in an upbeat way with a realistic view of life.” S Maynard

“The subject was very interesting and relevant. Kate you are a very engaging speaker on difficult subject areas. Thank you for educating me on the difficulties faced by our teenagers…” Anon

“Very informative and useful session with plenty of information handouts to take away and use…” David

Lewes Old Grammar School Parents
Year 7-13 – Pressures

“Exceptional delivery, well planned and really informative.”
“You have a lovely, friendly approach…calm, engaging, knowledgeable and at a perfect pace.”
“Solid confident delivery, sound knowledge base and clear understanding.”
“Warm, natural, enjoyable style. You demystified a tricky subject area.”
“A very relaxed and engaging style -you are very easy to listen to!”
“You made a difficult topic more comfortable so people could engage.”

Youth Mental Health First Aid.
Plenary session on recovery from addictions.

“Kate delivered a superb address on the subject of: Teaching Sex and Relationship Education in the Secondary School. She did it with great enthusiasm and good humour and brought an air of authority to this area which many people find difficult to teach. She laid down several helpful ground rules for discussions with pupils and her knowledge of legislation and current developments was particularly impressive. The delegates found it a very useful session.”

Stephen Coyne
HMC Director & Independent Consultant

“Such a helpful opportunity to contextualise where our school is now and where we would like it to be. Some very interesting and unexpected issues raised through discussion and reflection – brilliant! Thank you Kate.”

S. Stokes
Dormansland Primary School

“Meeting you, even fleetingly, was one of the highlights of the Optimus Conference…”

Optimus Education.
Relationships & Sex Conference
Pornography Keynote and Streamed Session on Sexting

“Probably the most valuable 2 hours I have ever spent! My children learnt a lot from Kate in school and now we will continue to talk about E-Safety as a family. Talk was concise, entertaining, professional and at my level!” D Constable

“Wonderfully informative and extremely helpful. you managed to capture everyone’s attention with your humourous yet serious presentation.” N Aldridge

“This was BRILLIANT. Scary, but brilliant! Very informative and thought provoking.” F Charasse

“Very helpful, informative and thought provoking.” S Richards

“A huge topic which you managed to break down and cover very effectively in 2 hours. The practical hints and tips were particularly helpful.” Anon

Reigate Priory Parents
Cyber Safety