Respect & Bullying

Respect & Bullying

The world we live in is abundant and diverse in its cultures and peoples and these sessions are built to break down misconceptions, stereotypes, prejudices and behaviours.

In my bespoke sessions I start by finding out who I am teaching – the cohort, and following liaison with teachers I build sessions to explore these issues through a mix of current affairs and a variety of activities, always based on facts and up to date research, to meet their needs.

Bullying is closely connected to respect and continues to be a hugely damaging and sometimes life-threatening issue both in the ‘real’ world and online. This therefore needs addressing face on with children and young people of all ages.

In these bespoke sessions, I give each individual a solid understanding of what bullying really is, as appropriate to the cohort, including the subtler aspects which can so easily be overlooked.

They are also given clear guidance and support for where to go in the future if required so that each child or young person will be empowered to stamp out bullying in their lives, recognise bullying behaviour in themselves and have the confidence to speak up for others.