Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

It’s not easy growing up in today’s society. In our modern world children and young people often become overwhelmed. They are bombarded 24/7 with how they ‘should’ be looking, feeling or living. Their self-esteem can take a battering, so much so that many have little confidence nor indeed any self-awareness of who they are and what they actually like.

So, it’s not only about the practical skills of how to live a healthy life in its widest sense but it’s also about being given the time to break down the illusions the outside world can create and rebuild our self-esteem through a reconnection with ourselves and others.

As this topic covers both physical and emotional/mental health, there is a lot to unpack and the health element of the statutory guidance sets out clearly what needs to be included for both primary and secondary schools which is great, but it doesn’t know where your cohort is and how to give them precisely what they need to learn. With careful liaison, this is where I can help  – to meet these needs.   

Basing my sessions on exactly where your cohort ‘is at’ means the learning will have maximum impact, no matter what you decide you need your area of focus to be. Eating healthily, exercise, talking about our feelings, knowing what the signs of ill health are – be they physical or mental in ourselves and others, are just some of the important areas covered.

All of these topics and more can be taught, using latest evidence and research and offering signposting for further support.