Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs have always been around but drugs and the substances that are used to create them are evolving with many of these new substances being full of untested, potentially life-threatening concoctions.

Access to drugs no longer requires seeking out a dealer, although they are still very much at large, as they have become far more accessible with the onset of the internet and the dark web.

Alcohol is not to be overlooked either, the implications of heavy drinking potentially having far reaching consequences into their adult lives.

In my bespoke Drug and Alcohol sessions I always work with the cohorts’ needs first and foremost, creating content directly to their needs.

All my work is based on the latest information and facts, enabling children and young people to make an informed decision at ‘crunch points’ and to recognise when they, or their friends or family, may need help, along with providing them with signposting so they know where to go in the future for further support if required.