Kate Daniels, Founder of PSHE Education

Kate Daniels, Founder of PSHE Education

I was a very shy little girl, a bit of a challenge at school and a rebel without a clue as a teenager. I made a lot of mistakes and learnt a lot of lessons. Lessons that at the time I didn’t always ‘get’ but now, as a consultant in PSHE and RSHE, I value hugely as they help me to understand how easy it is for young people to make the wrong choices and how easy it is, with the right guidance, to make the right choices.

It was after having my own children that the teaching ‘bug’ got me. I started teaching adults and after reading feedback at the end of my very first bespoke course all those years ago, I was happy to see that my goals had been reached and their positive comments were reflecting something that felt pretty great to me too.

So, over twenty years later, with all that experience behind me – as an Adult Education Tutor, a Teaching Assistant and a QTS and UPS Teacher – here I am; a PSHE Consultant, doing what I love, and it still feels pretty great.


  • Adult Education Teacher
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • Upper Pay Scale (UPS)
  • PSHE Lead
  • Student Teacher Mentor
  • School Council Lead
  • Post Graduate research
  • Life Coaching, University of Cambridge (UC)
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA)
  • Founder of PSHE Education

Projects and clients include: