Children want facts – age appropriate facts – but they don’t want to be made uncomfortable in the process which is why humour and different learning styles are embraced at all opportunities.

My journey through to consultancy has been a wonderfully progressive one – each step giving me invaluable insight into the needs of both adults and children and the educational system to which schools work in, including where PSHE sits and how it works within day to day school life.

Over the years I have worked across all key stages, enabling me to use my classroom and school experience to plan and deliver sessions that work within the wider context; governmental guidelines, school policies and practical elements.

All my sessions are bespoke; built on individual school and cohorts’ needs and incorporating up to date development and research to build vital skills and knowledge in PSHE, RSHE and SMSC.  

I teach directly to Key Stage One through to Key Stage Four, Sixth Formers right up to University students across the UK and beyond, offering my unique style of professionalism, humour and ‘you-can-talk-to-me-about-anything’ attitude!


“Such a positive learning environment. Children were able to share things with each other that they wouldn’t normally say. you were enthusiastic, engaging and so positive! Children really enjoyed the activities and you had great discipline. The project you set [at the beginning of the week and came back to work on at the end] was super – I LOVED doing it with the children. They learnt so much and will take away a lot from these sessions which we can also use in the classrooms. Excellent! Thank you!”

B. Beazleigh. Class Teacher
Anti Bullying Week. 2018. Whole School
2 days. Skippers Hill Prep’ School

“Really excellent speaker with wonderful open way of presenting a difficult/embarrasing/awkward subject. Really engaging. Great visuals – easily understandable subjects – all clearly defined. Boys played an active part thereby showing their interest and attention.”

House Mistress
Radley College
Relationships and Sex

“Your pace and clarity of voice was perfect. Your explanations used were the perfect level of vocabulary for the group…” Naomi. LSA
“The students seemed very interested…This is great for our students because they get bored very easily.” D. Thompson. LSA
“Excellent pace and range of activities to get learners talking. A caring and supportive environment. You modified language for the level of the group.” Anon

Entry Level/Inclusive Learning Students.
Shooters Hill Sixth Form College.
South London.
Healthy Living

“Lots of excellent content which was age related – a good amount of practical, verbal and listening. You created an open environment where the children were sharing their experiences.”

PSHE Lead & KS1 Class Teacher
Tatsfield Primary School

“Brilliant, really helpful. I will definitely be using some of these techniques! I would love to have you back! Thank you!”

B, Yr 10
Lewes Old Grammar School

“It was great to work with you and I feel I have learnt so much from observing you with the children and how you did things, I will carry this forward with me…you can read people so wonderfully.”

P. Willison
K. Saunders
Sir Henry Fermor C of E Primary School
Year 6