Pressures & Stress Management

Pressures & Stress Management

Pressures for young people and children are everywhere. Friendship issues, school, stress, competition, ‘no jobs’, exams, the internet, peer pressure, parents, smartphones, relationships, puberty, 24/7 and social media.

In these sessions I look at where the pressure comes from, exactly what it is and how it can affect not just society at large but us as individuals.

Up to date research supports bespoke sessions that are interactive, educational and practical, with meditation and mindfulness skills that they can use straight away and into the future.

These sessions are often booked with the run up to exams which is great, however adding these sessions in across the academic year will help your pupils/students learn invaluable skills on how to de-stress ahead of stressful times – making it a really valuable ‘pre-stress’ skill session!